Sunday, January 29, 2012

Colonoscopy/Endoscopy and Crocodile Tears

Oh my poor Sammy. So yesterday I told him that he would be having the colonoscopy and endoscopy procedure tomorrow. He was perfectly fine with it once I told him that it was Dr Zella that was doing it. He drank the drinks that he was supposed to like a champ.
He was so brave and just drank the senna and magnesium like a champ. This prep was so different from the ones he has done before. The other times were more drawn out. WE didn't really do anything different until yesterday evening at which time he drank some senna. And then today we did the magnesium citrate and then tomorrow the fleets. In the past it was a much slower gentler process. But so far he seems ok. I am surprised he hasn't stooled more though. Praying that he is all cleaned out and that the doctor can visualize everything he needs to.
So again he was perfectly fine with everything until today! Today was the day that he stopped being able to eat. The poor guy was heartbroken. Of course today at church they had a big turkey stew dinner, which he couldn't go to. And then here at home whatever daddy or Sophia were eating he wanted. He said things like "I can't believe you get to eat all this and I don't. I can't believe there are only four things I can eat (popsicles, italian ice, jello and broth)" Oh he is just so sad. I brought him to the store and let him pick out all kinds of things to drink during this process, but all he could focus on was what he couldn't have. My poor boy, I just feel so sad for him.
So please be praying with us that we get some good answers tomorrow. Some answers about all this belly pain that he has, answers about the bloody stools that he has. Answers about all his GI issues. And also be praying that Mr PReston behaves tomorrow as well. Little munchkin is coming with us as I am not sure if Sammy will be admitted overnight or not, and wanted Preston to feed well as much as possible in case I am staying with Sammy overnight and I won't get to nurse him.

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