Wednesday, October 5, 2011

5 weeks old

Little Preston is five weeks old. He now weighs 6lb 13oz. The doctor is still concerned about his weight gain, and is still continuing to keep a close eye on him. We had the visiting nurse today come in to weigh him. She was happy with his weight gain as that is now 30grams daily that he has gained since monday. This is the bare minimum of what they would expect for him to be gaining that would be acceptable. My prayer is that by friday when the nurse comes back that he is 7lbs.
WE still have yet to get on a good schedule, and I admit that I am not pushing for that yet. I feel that since we have not reached his due date that I should just be allowing him to feed as he wants and that is about it. He really isn't having much awake time consistently yet. We do have some occasional periods of awake time, and thankfully it is becoming less often in the middle of the night that he is awake and alert.
Currently during the day he is feeding every 1.5-2.5hrs. He nurses for at least 45minutes per feed, although can go up to 1.5hrs or more. If you do the math, he is attached to my breast ALL THE TIME:-) I am looking forward to getting him into a more normal feeding schedule soon.
As of monday I started exclusively breastfeeding and not giving him the high calorie supplement per the doctors instruction. I am beyond thrilled that he gained better with just my milk. He is voiding and stooling well, and unfortunately has tons of gas pain. The poor little guy has almost constant flatus, and has very painful burps. I have been giving him gas drops that seem to definitely help but I don't like giving it to him constantly.
Sophia picked him up today! I am just so thankful that he was ok. She has been saying for days that she is a big girl and big enough to carry him but I have continued to tell her that she wasn't old enough to carry. Today he was laying on his floor mat, and I ran to the other room, I then hear Sophia saying "Look Mommy see I am big enough to carry him!" And I saw him in her arms, all wrapped up in his blanket! I am just praising God that he is ok.

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