Saturday, October 22, 2011

My sisters wedding

My sister Deanna got married on saturday to a wonderful man named TJ. Samuel and Sophia (along with my niece Dasanee) were asked to be the ring bearer and flower girl. I am proud to say that both of my children did phenomenally well. They were well behaved and smiled and weren't rude. They were so cute walking down the aisle.
Unfortunately the photographer that my sister and her husband hired was absolutely AWFUL! First, when we were at my mom's house that morning getting ready he rode up on a harley (nothing against motorcycles, but he was not at all dressed or prepared for a wedding) and was completely sloppy looking. And then he pulled out a tiny little POINT AND SHOOT camera! I was horrified. So I used my camera to take as many photos as possible, and hten also called a friend of theirs to take photos as well. So I am praying that they were able to get some good photos. Their friend does some professional photography stuff, and from what I have seen he got some good shots, although not from the ceremony only the reception.

Morning preparation, my sister's Denise, Johanna and Lyndsea did the hair, make up and nails for the wedding. They are all very talented
Auntie Lyndsea putting on Sophia's "wedding make up". Soph wanted make up like Auntie Deanna, so Lyndsea put some chapstick on her:-)
Johanna and Denise did hair, but unfortunately I don't have a picture of Denise doing it:-(

Of course we were fashionably late for the wedding:-) The ceremony was supposed to start at 2pm. I don't believe we left my mom's house until 2pm, and the chapel was a good twenty minutes away!!!
Look how handsome my Sammy is:-) And my handsome nephew Davion
My sister Deanna, her twin Doreen, Sophia and my niece Dasanee. Beautiful!!!
My sister got married at the same chapel on the military base that my parents got married at almost 32 years ago! It was so nice to be there and have it at the same place. Some of the wedding photos were also taken at the same location where my parents had their wedding photos taken.
My nephew Davion and Deanna getting out of the limo

The three amigos: Sam, Dasanee, and Sophia

The flower girls threw leaves instead of flowers, a nice fall touch:-)

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