Monday, October 24, 2011

My brothers and sisters

So my brother Dennis and his wife Johanna, who is a wonderful addition to our family are moving:-( After Dennis' multiple tours in Iraq and elsewhere, we have been spoiled the last two and a half years to have him stations right here at home. He wasn't completely thrilled with his assigned job, but it was amazing to have him home. I am so blessed that my children have gotten to spend some time with him. Unfortunately they are moving on now. They are moving south. So we won't get to spend time with them nearly as often. Because of Deanna's wedding my other brother DJ and his wife Lyndsea were here for the past week. It has been a blast to have all five of my siblings together with their spouses spending time together. My siblings and I all get along fairly well and really enjoy each other. We had a blast, but that made saying good bye much more difficult. We aren't sure when all six of us will be together again...
My brother DJ holding Preston
Auntie Lyndsea holding Preston (Auntie Lyndsea and Uncle DJ announce while they were here that they are expecting!!!)

My 3 sisters and I

All six of us

The six of us plus our spouses

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