Wednesday, October 26, 2011

8 Weeks

I can't even believe it Preston is 8 weeks old today! We have been having a rough time since last friday especially with lots of abdominal gas and discomfort. Poor little guy has been having some strange stools, huge amounts of gas, lots of hiccups, and some spitting up. He has been arching his back, and making frequent gulping sounds even when he hasn't been drinking. It all sounds like reflux, but unfortunately there isn't much they can do for it,
But today he was seen by his primary. She said something that I was kind of dreading: "How old was Sammy when he started having his problems?" And although that has been in my head the last few days/weeks I was in denial and praying that I was just paranoid. But in talking with the doctor I am now thinking maybe I am not just paranoid. Goodness, I hope that he is fine and that I am just anxious because of all we went through with Sam. But Preston has been so uncomfortable:-( She ordered a bunch of tests, so we may hear something tomorrow....
In other news my big boy is 8lb3oz!!! The crazy thing is this:
Sammy at birth 4lb5oz and at 8wks: 8lb2oz

Preston at birth 5lb15oz and at 8wks: 8lb3oz

Sophia at birth 5lb8oz and at 8wks: 8lb8oz
I can't believe all three of them are so close in size at 8weeks!!! Especially how Sammy was so small, and got big so fast. It certainly didn't seem all that fast when we were there. So do you think they look alike? I am still so often saying taht Preston doesn't look like either of his siblings, and that he just looks like himself. But comparing them at the same age makes me wonder?

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  1. You have such beautiful children! And they look alike as babies!