Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday Randoms

So Auntie Chantal came to visit us today after Sam's IVIG. We love when she comes to play with us. Soph had had the cutest little pigtails in her hair today! I love that her hair is getting long enough to do stuff like that with. Unfortunately she was a little crabby and didn't let me take any good pics of her hair until Auntie Chantal made it "Itchy hair head."
Soph has been quite the snuggler with Daddy lately. I feel like she resents me a little bit and is mad that I was gone so long when I had Preston. I am thankful that she is loving her daddy, but am sad to not have the snuggles that I used to get.
Soph's "Itchy hair head"
Sam and Auntie Chantal doing the "I Spy" Superman book, one of Sam's new favorite activities.

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