Saturday, October 8, 2011

Red Apple Farm

Well we had a wonderful New England fall day outing today, although without the fall weather. We have gone apple picking every year since Sam was born at the Red Apple Farm. We enjoy it so much. This year the weather was in the 80s so not quite the typical weather. It worked well for making sure Preston stayed warm, but there were bees everywhere.
We got to go with my brother Dennis and his wife Johanna which was wonderful. We are sad to say that they are moving south to North Carolina in two weeks. So these last couple of family outings with them are bitter sweet.
A funny thing happened as we were leaving. I was buckling Preston into his carseat and hear Sam starting really yelling. I turned to look at him and see him with both his arms straight up above his head. I asked what was wrong and he proceeded to tell me that he had a bee walking around on his finger. I was so proud of him! He just raised his hands and didn't freak out at all. And praise God no sting!!!
We attempted to get some pics of the three kids but Preston was not loving it.
Getting ready to go:-)
Uncle Dennis and Auntie Johanna

Sam, Matt and Uncle Dennis used team work to get the apples:-)

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