Monday, October 3, 2011

PT, breast feeding and weight gain

Soph had her third visit with the new physical therapist today. She does such good work for her. Soph was really uncomfortable after her workout last week, and the PT was even commenting about how she worked today and being tired. So she didn't have her work quite as hard today as last week.
Ugghhh to say I am frustrated would be a complete understatement. So he was 6lb8oz on friday and is 6lb10 today. He isn't gaining nearly enough. The doctor is definitely concerned. But she is now wondering if it is the breast milk supplement that is not agreeing with him. So she has suggested stopping supplem
enting him until wednesday and just exclusively breastfeeding to see if he gains better. I am so thankful that she is so on board with the breast feeding:-) But now anxious that my milk won't be good enough and then it will be all my fault. So on wednesday we will reweigh him and depending on how much he weighs we will determine the next step.

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