Saturday, December 1, 2012

Christmas Traditions

This year I am so grateful and thankful for our family and for the journey God has brought us through this year. But for some reason I am just so overwhelmed with Christmas this year. Matt and the kids decorated the tree while I did some cooking. I just have some feelings of being overwhelmed and some sadness. My Uncle Bruce gave us a beautiful ornament when my grandmother died, two years ago. He said it was like a guardian angel. In the middle of the ornament is a picture of my grandmother. Looking at that ornament brings so much joy and sadness at the same time. Joy for the wonderful amazing Godly woman she was and for the many years I had with her. Sadness for the fact that she didn't even know Preston was coming, and that he never got to be rocked in the rocking chair and sung to by her. I will post the pics of decorating the tree tomorrow. Another one of the traditions we have for Christmas is going to a family friend of my mother's who has several house lots full of Christmas lights, they have been hand making new decoratings every year for 37 years! They have gingerbread houses, trains, elfs workshops etc. It is so fun! I am so very thankful that my children are really grasping God and what Christmas is all about this year. I am so blessed to have children who are so kind and compassionate to others. I am so blessed to have them on loan from God. As we continue the immune deficiency with Preston (and Sam) my prayer is that I can stay focused on Him and be a light for the world through all of the sickness. As I spoke with the IVIG nurses this week so they could get an idea about Preston, I was just overcome with peace, they were so kind and let me ask all my questions.

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