Monday, December 31, 2012


Another year has come and gone. 2012 was a difficult year in our house, but it was a wonderful year too. For every challenge there was a blessing, for every heartache there was more reliance on God. This year medically for both boys was very overwhelming and scary. But this year also was very rewarding medically. In being vigilant and proactive, we have finally gotten some answers to Sam's abdominal issues. And although the eosinophilic colitis was certainly a scary diagnosis I am praising God we found it, that we were able to pinpoint the foods that were bothering him and remove them. Praise God that this year was a year of healing for Sam's stomach. As we look forward to 2013 and realize that there may yet be some more scary news in the first part of the year for him, I am placing my trust in Him the one who created Sam and us. The One who knows the answers, the One who knows the outcomes, the One who will walk with us through each step with Sam. Rejoicing in knowing that whatever comes in 2013 for Sammy that God will be there too. Sammy has thrivied this year emotionally and spiritually. When I listen to my children' pray I am so blessed to know that they KNOW that God is there and that He hears and loves them. Sam has really become a much more sensative individual this year. He has definitely reached out to those around him that are hurting. I am so proud of the person he is becoming, a person who enjoys helping others, and is aware and sensitive to others feelings.
In 2012 Sophia has just blossomed into an even more compassionate caring child. She has thrived in almost every group setting that she has been in. She has become a leader in her class. Things that people have said about her were so awesome to hear. At the end of last years preschool, the teacher was very quick to tell me that she was the ring leader of the class, that she always included everyone and wanted to make sure no one felt left out. This year the teacher has stated that she is very charismatic, and kind, that she has a giving heart and that she hurts when others hurt. She has had a very challenging person to deal with this year and I am so proud of how she handled it for the most part, she tried so hard to get this person to be kind to her, but it just wasn't working. I am so proud and thankful to have this loving kind hearted little girl. What a priviledge to be raising a little girl who so fully loves and cares for others. She has become keenly aware of God and what she perceives to be His feelings. I am so blessed to be her mommy, to have the great challenge to share and teach her about God, but also to watch as she understands more and more about Him,
In 2012 Preston has really developed quite the personality. Again I feel so blessed to have been given the blessing to have this little boy. God has blessed us so much with him. Medically this year has been pretty scary for him. I have been so overwhelmed thinking that we would have another immunocompromised child. And as things have played out and my fears have become reality and then some, God has showed Himself again and again in those difficult places. As we have just started IVIG with him and are really trying to figure out his specific GI stuff, I am confidant in the fact that God will continue to walk this journey with us.
As a person I have grown so much this year. As a wife, a mom, and a believer. The challenges I have faced this year have been overwhelming and scary. There are many times especially dealing with the boys that I have become fearful and so sad that there is so much chronic illness that the boys have to face. But in those moments of crying out to God, He has met me in a way that I have never felt Him before. As I have struggled with a relationship situation this past year, that has repeatedly been so devastatingly hurtful, God has comforted and sustained me. I certainly don't know what God has planned for that relationship, but by faith I am believing that His will will be done. With my own back injury this year and the ramifications and possibilities of not being able to continue the job that I love so dearly, God has met me there and is igniting new thoughts and dreams of what the future will hold. 2012 was definitely a challenging year, but it was an amazing year! I am so thankful for this year and for what I have learned about myself and others. For what I have been shown by God about faith and trust, for how He has comforted me so many many times this year. For the strength and hope that He has given me. I am so blessed to know My Creater, My Redeemer and Friend. I look forward to serving Him in 2013 and for what HE will teach me!!! Praying for God's richest blessings for your family in 2013

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