Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Focusing on the positive

I am overwhelmed but I am thankful for an amazing immunologist I am scared of how the first treatment will go but I am praising God that we have insurance to cover it I am exhausted because Preston is sick AGAIN, but I am blessed to be home and caring for him I am sad that I have another immuno compromised child but I am thankful that we know what is wrong and we can treat it. I am a sinner but am so thankful that God forgives me over and over again I am stressed, but am so thankful to have such an amazing support system that loves us so much I am just praising God for these past few years, I am not going to lie they have been tremendously difficult and sometimes I have gotten angry and asked God why do my babies have to suffer so much. And then He gently reminds me of His sacrifice for me. He reminds me of the forgiveness that I didn't deserve. He reminds me that He doesn't want my children to suffer, but that due to the sinful nature of man this is what has happened. He has blessed us so amazingly in these last few years. He has provided for us financially, He has given us unbelievably wonderful friends/family. He has answered prayers before they were uttered. I am praising God tonight, becuase I know He is so faithful, and no matter what tomorrow holds, HE IS ALL WE NEED!!! He has been so faithful. He is always there! This is one of my favorite songs ever! Please listen :-)

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