Monday, December 17, 2012

Car accident

So Sophia, Preston and I were rear ended the other day. We are all ok, but it was quite scary. I can't even tell you how panicked I was realizing that the back of my van where my kids were was what got hit! I am just praising God that the kids were buckled safe in their car seats and that they were ok. Sophia did have some markings from the harness of her carseat but other than that she was fine. It really scared Preston and he was very difficult to console as we were waiting for the police officers. He did eventually calm down and go right to sleep. Poor kiddo! The guy that hit us initially was so nice and apologetic, and making sure we were ok. But as soon as the cops got there he said that "She must have slammed on her breaks or something, she caused this." I was SO MAD!!!! The cop then said to him "She could have done whatever she wanted and the fact is you hit her, so it is your fault!" So that made me feel much better. It will certainly be a hassle getting the van fixed and replacing the carseats. It is crazy how one little thing has so many ripple effects. But praise God the people involved are all ok, and the van is pretty ok too. The back end bumper and the part where it attaches need some work but nothign too major. I gave my testimony in church on sunday. I will probably put it up here to hopefully encourage people that read this, not tonight though.... I am so tired and am heading to bed. Sweet dreams!!! Here are my kiddos before church yesterday, we are so blessed!

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  1. So glad to hear that everyone is all right! Car accidents are horrible. I'm glad the police officer put that guy in check. How rude! Costco usually has pretty great deals on car seats, if there is one in your area. Good luck!