Friday, December 28, 2012

IVIG and Soph is still sick

Today Sam had his IVIG. On the way into the hospital he totally wiped out on black ice in the parking lot, but thankful he is ok. He will probably have quite the nasty bruise on his leg tomorrow from the fall but otherwise he is fine. We had one of our favorite nurses today, although there are so many that we love at Heywood. Nurse Carol is one of our favorites. On Sam's first admission to the hospital after discharge from NICU she was our nurse. She has been our nurse many times through the years, for Sam and now twice for Preston. We are praying that in 2013, the only time there is a need for nurse Carol is for IVIG :-) But in case it isn't we are so blessed to have her. She got the IV in on the second try which is great, I love when it is the first try but that doesn't always happen. Then Sam played a lego game on the website about Pharoahs. I got to do a little reading which I love to do and don't often have much time for. And then I played SuperHero Uno with him. It was so fun :-) Praising God for a good day!!! But also anxious becuase Sophia is still feeling yucky and coughing lots.

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