Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Sick still....

Last tuesday night the 18th Sophia started running a high fever. On wednesday my friend took her for me even though she was sick so I could take Sam to the ENT. On wednesday night Sam started with a cough and a fever too. I brought them both to our doctor on thursday and she checked them both for the flu. I am praising God that it was negative! But Sophia was so so angry at the doctor. When she told Sophia that she was sorry and asked her if she forgave her Sophia said "Hmmm, NO!" and then proptly walked away from her. She was SO MAD! After two days I was speaking with the doctor again (on the phone). Sophia heard me speaking with her, and asked if she could speak with her, so I put Sophia on the phone, and then she told her that she forgave her. I am so thankful that my children understand forgiveness and the importance of it. I am so thankful that each of us, myself included ask for forgiveness and realize what a blessing God's forgiveness of us is. On Christmas night I checked Sophia's temperature when we got home. I felt quite guilty when I got home as she had a fever and I hadn't realized. She had been snuggly and cuddly, but not miserably or crabby. I panicked a little when I checked her temp in her ear and the thermometer said HIGH, all I thought was I think it says HIGH after it reaches 105! So then I tried to check her in her mouth, this time the thermometer said 103.5, but she wouldn't let it go until it beeped! So needless to say she made me a little anxious. I brought her to the doctor first thing in the morning, as it had now been nearly a week since she had started the fevers. So the doctor diagnosed her with a sinus infection and started her on augmentin, with instruction to bring her back if things got worse.... MAN is it a challenge to get this little lady to take medicine. I forgot to post the pics of her the other week when we FINALLY let her get her ears pierced. My parents had my ears pierced when I was a baby, and my sister Denise had her girls ears pierced as babies too. Sophia has asked many times, and her daddy was hesitant until she was old enough to really understand what it was all about. So for the last few months she has been asking and we finally got them pierced. She was SO EXCITED! She just said "OW" when they were done and nothing more :-)

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