Tuesday, December 18, 2012


So it would appear that the person who hit us is responsible for replacing our carseats, which is totally awesome. But they have to BE THE EXACT some ones, fabric and all.... Well they don't make the same prints of fabric! They only make the pattern typically for one or two years, before a new print replaces it. So I am in the process of figuring that out. I guess you could say I am a carseat snob. We spend SO MUCH time in the car, driving into and out of Boston Childrens, Mass General etc that I want my kids to have super comfy seats, that also have very high safety ratings. And I just don't have four hundred dollars right this second to go buy new ones. So please be praying that this guys insurance comes through quickly. For now I can use the extras that were in Matt's car, but totally not nearly as comfortable. Preston had his 15month well child check up today. He is 22lb 11oz and is 31.5 inches long!!! He is growing amazingly well. Unfortunately the doctor thinks that he probably has a sinus infection (I do too) but becuase of his C diff history we both are very hesitant to treat with antibiotics at this point. So we are going to try some antihistamines and allergy medicine to hopefully get him better. He also has been puking again the last few days, and I think the reflux is worsening, not sure if it has anythign to do with post nasal drip or not but in any case it is waging a war on my son again :-( GI is having us restart the reglan, but everything else is going to remain the same for now. We shall see.... This is a picture I took of him the other day at my moms...
Sophia had her little Christmas presentation at school today. I am not going to lie it was cute but I was definitely a little sad watching it. With Sam and last year with Sophia we were at a christian preschool, the Christmas program was all about what is really important: Jesus.... But in a secular school it is all about Santa :-( Sophia did a wonderful job but it wasn't what the real Christmas is all about. She was so cute and animated during her program. So fun to watch her little personality. Preston had a blast at her school too.
And then tonight she wouldn't eat her dinner and said she had a fever, and SHE DOES!!! I am so sad about this! I was really praying that this year we would all be healthy and that Christmas would be healthy. Praying that that is the case. Poor girl. Tomorrow I am headed into MGH with Sam for an appointment with a new doctor, this is an ENT, the coordinated care docs are thinking that his adenoids possibly grew back :-(

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