Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Here we go again....

Sam had his follow up with the Coordinated Care Clinic at MGH yesterday, and he had IVIG on monday. He weighs 46lbs and is 46inches tall!!! Growing so well now!!! IVIG went phenomenally well. IV in on the first try, no reactions and we just flew threw the infusion. We were so thankful to have Auntie Sara there with us. It was a family affair this time. Daddy was there too!!! Today at Coordinated Care they were asking all kinds of questions and I was just going along answering hte questions, not really thinking about where they were headed. After all the questions they think that there is a possibility that Sam's adenoids have grown back. Now the decision to have the tonsils and adenoids removed two and half years ago, was a terrifying decision. And one that we prayed and prayed about. Becuase of his bleeding disorder this was a BIG DEAL. Praise God all went well, we did have some bleeding but God took great care of him. But now thinking that there is a possibility of the adenoids needing to be removed again, I am so anxious. For now I have to make appointments with pulmonology, an ENT, and schedule a sleep study. Crazy!!! I know God will walk this road with us, but I am still trying to wrap my brain around Preston and IVIG.... We had my in laws over the other day for dinner. It had been my father in laws birthday. My kids absolutely adore him and were climbing all over him essentially the entire time he was here. They were fighting over him at the dinner table. He is a rough and tumble grandpa and the kids love it. They also like snuggling with Grandma :-)

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