Friday, December 14, 2012

GI for the boys

We went and saw Dr Z at MGH on thursday. He was thrilled with how well both of the boys are growing! I am just so blessed by this news. It has been such a challenge with Sam for so long for him to gain weight but I am so grateful this growth. He is now 46lb and 46.5 inches tall. We are going to try to start decreasing his reflux meds and see how he tolerates it. IT would be awesome to get him down to only once a day for the reflux meds. He was thrilled with Preston's growth as well. He has gained a pound a month since the intestinal infection! He made up for all the weight he lost. He now weighs 22lb 10oz and is 31.5 inches long. GI is thinking that Preston is having severe reflux issues from what I described to him. Our Primary is thinking that it may be some type of obstructive issues like Sam had and is thinking that we need to do a sleep study. I am not sure either way.... I definitely think the reflux is out of control, and he has now started on nexium instead of the prevacid, so I am praying that this helps him tremendously. He is now sleeping with his neck hyperextended, but I am not sure if this is an opening/protecting his own airway type movement, or if this has something to do with post nasal drip since I do believe he has some type of URI type thing going on... NOT SURE :-( So the plan for now is to try the nexium, into next week and see how he does. We see our PCP on tuesday so am praying that there will be marked improvement by then.

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