Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Day

I woke up so early Christmas morning. I was so excited for the kids. I knew that the gifts we had bought them were going to make them so happy. I was so blessed this year with peoples generosity and helpfulness. I responded to an add on craigslist prior to Christmas for someone who was getting rid of thousands of legos. I responded to the add and the man was so wonderful. He was a Christian and was so generous with what he sent to us. Sam was so excited to get so many legos for Christmas. Sophia got a doll house for Christmas. I was so excited to find it and let our families know about it, and therefore she got some furniture to go with it. But when I asked her what her favorite Christmas gift was, her response was the clothes that she got for her and for her Bitty Baby Baby Jess. I found this wonderful lady (she also made Preston's birthday outfit and bib) and had her make something special for her. If you are looking for something wonderful for your child to wear that is high quality and beautiful, check her out....The fresh vintage shop I don't have any really good pictures of it to post today but I will post them soon. She looks so cute in the outfit. She is wearing it but no great pics of it. Christmas morning we built legos, did puzzles, played with the doll house, and then my parents came over with their gifts for my kids. After my parents left we went to Matt's aunts house for Christmas dinner. The kids just love playing with my father in law as well as their cousins. It was a great time.
Our tree after the gifts were under it.
This might be my favorite picture of all three kids ever. It was so spontaneous and it is so rare to get a picture of Sam, where he is smiling normally and not forcing it.
I love having my parents come Christmas morning. It is fun for them to see the kids with their toys. And I love the tradition of it.
We love our father in law/grandpa so much! I love how hands on he is with the kids. The kids absolutely adore him. I am so thankful to have such a Godly, loving, kind, compassionate Grandpa for the kids.
We unfortunately don't get to spend too much time with all of the cousins (although I am hoping and working towards changing that in 2013). But it was a blast hanging out and spending time with everyone on Christmas. There are no other little kids that were there this year (actually every year on Christmas there isn't, because Matt's brothers family stays home on Christmas) so my kids totally ate up the attention. We are the OLD COUSINS of the bunch :-)
Preston loved his new remote control train!!!
This is Matt's grandmother (and in one his mom too). She HATES to get her picture taken, so it is usually quite the chore. Well she was wondering what Sam was playing with, and so he showed her his Nintendo DS. This picture just cracks me up as she looks like she is playing :-)

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