Monday, December 3, 2012

The Living Nativity and our Christmas tree

Oh the joy the children have as they were decorating for Christmas. It is so wonderful to listen to them talk of Jesus' birthday and all of the decorating. We are so blessed this year, it has been a crazy, busy, sometimes scary, faith building, year and I am just so thankful that God has brought us each step of the way...
Preston was trying to decide which "ball" looked like the best one to throw!!! :-( Good thing for shatter proof bulbs
Another wonderful tradition that we have the pleasure of taking the kids to is a Living Nativity at a local church. They do a really good job. The characters only speak the native tongue, they speak no english during the entire time. There are live animals and you walk through what would appear to be Bethlehem, with shops, and children, and animals etc. They do a few little dances with music. And then of course the stable where Joseph, Mary and Baby Jesus were. I love sharing this with my kids. So that they can wrap their heads around what it might have been like for Jesus, Mary and Joseph. The guards that are wondering through are intimidating and scary just like they must have been back then. Sam was a little caught off guard by them this year and was scared. But it was so good to share this with them again...

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