Saturday, December 22, 2012

ENT and a possible surgery

So I brought Sam into Mass Eye and Ear the other day for an evaluation as the Coordinated Care doctors thought that maybe there could be something going on that the ENT could cauterize his nose to help with the nose bleeds. I didn't expect that there would be and there wasn't anything that he easily could see today. He did however look up his nose and into his throat while we were there with his camera. I didn't expect that we would see anything today but we did. I am still trying to wrap my brain around what his findings could mean. When he looked into Sam's throat he said that he had a very enlarged lingual tonsil at the base of his tongue, which is probably obstructing his airway. That being said, he said that this type of surgery to remove it is a big deal, and that it is not routinely done as there can be a pretty significant issue with maintaining an airway. And in a kid like Sam with a bleeding disorder and an immune deficiency it is even a bigger deal. So I left there completely feeling overwhelmed and defeated. But then God reminded me that HE is in control, and that HE will be with us no matter what needs to happen. And boy did I need that reminder. So I am trying to stay focused on that knowledge, that God will be with us and regardless we are surrounded by Him. I am still anxious and still overwhelmed at the logistics of what this type of surgery would do but I am praising God that He is the author of our lives, and He knows the whole story. :-) Please be praying for this situation. That if surgery is needed that we will stay focused on God and His peace will overwhelm us. Pray for wisdom for the doctors, and caretakers. And for all of the other details that will be necessary to determine... --j+679899l-p/-

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