Monday, February 27, 2012

US Airways

So Preston and I left on monday morning. He did so well. My mom drove us in to the airport and dropped us off. Everyone at the airport was so helpful when they realized I was travelling alone with an infant. On our first flight Preston and I had a window seat next to a man. I was so self conscious as I was nursing him. I actually latched him on prior to take off and he fell asleep. He slept for nearly an hour! Then he was awake for a bit and was actually pretty cranky. Again latched him on and then he fell asleep and slept until AFTER we landed!!!
He was pretty happy as we waited in the airport. He as content to just watch all kinds of people go by.
This is the first plane that he was one:-) When we got on our second flight we again had the window seat. While I was sitting, a woman came up and had this disgusted look on her face. She looked at me, looked at Preston, then called to the flight attendant "Excuse me is there anywhere else I can sit, preferably without a baby?" I was so offended!!! I can't believe how blatantly rude she was. The flight attendant told her no. Preston fell asleep about five minutes after that conversation, and was still sleeping after the plane landed and everyone was unloading. So the crabby lady didn't even have to deal with anything in regards to sitting next to a baby because all he did the whole time was sleep. These are photos from the first flight....
I am praising God that he was such a great flier. God truly blessed us throughout this whole travel day. People (with the exception of the rude lady) went about and beyond attempting to help throughout the whole thing. It was really nice.

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