Wednesday, February 8, 2012

MRI Results

Phew what a day it was!!! First off my mom was supposed to come with me today so that I didn't have to go alone. I HATE going to major appointments by myself. My mom almost always goes with me, once when Sam was about a ayear and a half I said that it was no big deal for her to not go with me, well of course that was the day that they thought he possibly could have leukemia, and I was ALL BY MYSELF. That drive home was absolutely horrible, since that time I try really hard not to go to new appointments or procedures by myself. I would hate to be alone to get difficult results. But alas, my mother woke up very sick this morning and therefore was unable to join us. So it was Preston and I.... We got to the pediatric MRI area, where they had no record of us coming in today...they sent us to another area and these people were wonderful. They explained everything that was going to happen, asked me all kinds of questions and allowed me to ask whatever I wanted to. If you haven't ever had an MRI or haven't seen one, it is this huge round machine with a little tube that you slide into on a hard table. So what they did to PReston was have me lay him on the table with his head between two blocks and then they taped across his forehead to the blocks. They also rolled all kinds of blankets around his head and then put this cage like contraption over his head. I then inserted his little wubba nub in through the cage. They swaddled the rest of his body but then had me LAY ON TOP of him to help hold his chin in place! It was nuts! I am so thankful I wasn't claustraphobic because that would have been awful....And this is what we got today:
That is a picture of Preston's 100% NORMAL head and brain!!! I am rejoicing tonight in God's goodness to my family and I. I am just so relieved and thankful that Preston is ok. HE was as thrilled as I was
Something kind of comical: Last night after I got the results of Sam's colonoscopy/endoscopy (will post all about it tomorrow) I was totally throwing myself a pitty party. I have recently heard some friends complaining about how hard things are with their child's school, or their naughty behavior, or the struggle to get them to eat etc etc. I wanted to be that "normal" mom who had completely normal sometimes trivial complaints. I just wanted to be NORMAL!!! So today to exacerbate those feelings of wishing things were different the neuro surgeon asked me if I would like a picture of his brain for his baby book!!!! Yep that's pretty normal right? Do you have a picture of your baby's brain in your baby book? It isn't funny but it just kind of puts things in a nut shell for me:-)

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