Monday, February 20, 2012

IVIG day

PS: JT commented on my post the other day, and if you are him could you please email me? I would like to hear more about your EoE if you wouldn't mind sharing Sam had IVIG today. Can I just say how blessed we are to be able to go to the hospital where I work and have my friends take such good care of him while we are there? I love these ladies so much! It was quite the fiasco getting our hospital to allow us to come but it has been such a tremendous blessing to not have to travel to Boston all the time for it. They got the IV in on the first try! What an answer to prayer. They set up the Wii for him and he just played throughout the infusion. Preston just hung out with us and had a blast squirming all over the bed.
Waiting for them to come start his IV. Miss Carol got it on the first try!!!
Just hanging out and playing during treatment After IVIG we went over to Miss Meg's (who watched Soph for the day) and had a playdate. That has been something that is so hard for me to navigate with Sam. I usually try to find someone to watch Soph for his appointments, because three munchkins would be a little bit much sometimes because they are so comfortable at the hospital, and think nothing of wandering around or anything. So Sam is always sad that Soph gets to go have a "playdate" while he has to go to the hospital. But thankfully since it wasn't a school night we got to have a blast over at Megs. All the kids get along so well. Notice Sam is NOT in the group picture, because he was too busy playing!!!
I am so blessed to have this family in our lives!!!!

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