Wednesday, February 1, 2012

5 months

My tiny little peanut is five months old! And is doing so well. We certainly have had some health scares with him, but I am so thankful and happy to say he is growing and happy. Since the dairy/soy free diet he has seemed much more content and less restless. He has been happier, and when he does fuss he is easier to console. He is babbling tons these days and blowing lots of drool bubbles. He is laughing and squealing. He LOVES to watch Sam and Soph run around and play. He continues to like his hands better than any of his little toys. He loves to chew on his fingers. Since I have gone dairy and soy free, I had to throw away all my frozen breast milk that I had:-( I was so sad to do it but I didn't want someone to accidently give it to him. So then I didn't have a stock pile of extra milk in the freezer, so he actually got a little of the alimentum formula this week. He actually doesn't seem to mind the taste too much but he would certainly rather get it from me than a bottle. But I am so thankful that he will take it. We are praying that this will resolve the bleeding issue. He is getting to the point where he doesn't really like his swing anymore. His favorite things are things where he is sitting straight up, such as the exersaucer, bumbo, and we even put him in a jolly jumper at my mom's. He wasn't completely sure what to do but he stood in it for a couple of minutes. He seems to have a little bit of a cold developing so we shall see how it goes....Please pray for him.

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