Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Sweet Boys

Oh how I love my precious kiddos. God has blessed me with these three amazing children (and the one in heaven). I don't at all deserve these childen but am so very thankful for each of them. It seems as though the boys health wise struggle more than Sophia. I don't know why that is? But we already have had some pretty big scares with both of these handsome little boys. Each time I try to focus on the fact that they are in God's hands, but sometimes when it is something really scary I struggle with staying focused on that. Two weeks ago when we were preparing for Sam's scope I was TERRIFIED that he was going to have a complication, or bleed. I was beyond scared. I told his doctor how anxious he was and he jokingly said that he was too! The last time Sam had had a colonoscopy he developed the hematoma and hemorrhaged!!! To say I was anxious is the understatement of the year. But I kept telling myself that God had him in His hands.....And then when Preston first had the blood in his stool, and then we were referred to a neurosurgeon? Again I was completely terrified. It has been such a rocky road at times with these kiddos. But as I look back on each situation I am reminded of how God was there through it all. God placed people in our lives that are here on earth that can help DESTRESS us, peopld that uplift us in prayer, people that take care of the other kiddos, people who change their work schedules to make things easier. People who provide food, or help with errands. People who do research and share it, making things not so very overwhelming. I am so blessed to have these boys! I am thankful for the struggles because they have stretched and strengthened my faith. I have had to rely on God so completely, and I have learned so much about His love and willingness to carry us in times of weakness. I have been given amazingly Godly women in my life that strengthen and encourage me in this walk of faith. I am so blessed!!!
Not sure if you are a fan of Laura Story or not, but if you aren't you should become a fan. She is an amazingly talented Christian artist who sings an amazing song, Blessings. I have been so touched by this song. It asks essentially what if our trials and tribulations are a blessing in disguise....beautiful beautiful!!! Enjoy the video

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