Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pediatric Neuro-Surgeon!!!

Ugghhh so a couple weeks ago when we went and saw the GI doctor for Preston, the GI recommended getting him seen by neuro, because of several factors: large size head, almost completely closed fontanelles, and the fact that he did have meningitis. He said all those factors together were concerning to him. So we went yesterday to the neuro. She was super nice, she wasn't at all concerned with the closing of his fontanelles. She did say he has a large head, and because of the meningitis and some complications that can arise from it, she is recommending that they do an MRI of his brain! GULP! So here we go again! The MRI is scheduled for this wednesday so please be praying for him. I hate to complain because I am so incredibly blessed but sometimes I just wish just once that things could be easy when it comes to my kids....for example: Preston has cold. Why does it have to turn into an ear infection and bronchiolitis? He has a bigger head, but why can't it be just that he has a big head? WHy are we now checking for hydrocephalus? And don't even get me started with Sam! Sorry I am so overtired and overwhelmed and just wishing that for once it was a true NO BIG DEAL kind of thing....

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