Wednesday, February 22, 2012

More allergy testing

So I heard back today from the immunologist/allergist's office about more allergy testing. We will head into Children's on March 12th for "patch tests." They actually apply these patches to Sam's skin that are left on for 48hrs to determine if he has a slower response. The skin prick test is an IgE mediated response, but since he didn't have any reactions to the skin prick tests they will move on to see if he has any slower reactions. Sam and Sophia actually slept over my parents last night which was great. THe kids couldn't wait to have this sleep over and had a wonderful time. Sam actually got hit in the face while there and had quite the bloody nose, but it did stop bleeding so that is good. He is definitely dragging today, I am just hoping it is because he stayed up a little later than normal at moms, and not that he is getting sick. Preston isn't feeling all that well either:-( Last night he had a temp, and was pretty fussy during the night, and I contemplated bringing him to the doctor this morning after I got home from work, but he seemed better. But once the night got here he has gotten irritable again and is running a low grade temp. I guess we will see how it goes. If he has a temp again tomorrow I may just call the office and see what they think since it will be the third day. Even despite his crabbiness this little guy loves his bath...
Could you please say a prayer for my sweet friend Meg? She had pneumonia a few months ago and is experiencing similar symptoms again. Thank you so much!!!

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