Sunday, February 12, 2012

Daddy Daughter date Night

We are so blessed to go to such a wonderful church that is so kid oriented. There are countless activites and programs for kids at our church. Since our kids are on the young side they haven't participated in too many of the activities yet. But they both are getting to do something new and exciting this year. Sam will be doing a pine wood derby race in a few weeks. And this past weekend Sophia got to have a daddy daughter date night. The church prepared a delicious meal and dessert for the dad's and their girls. And then there were crafts and games as well. So so fun!!! Matt unfortunately doesn't like having his picture taken much but I got a couple of them before they left for their little date:-) Sophia was beyond thrilled to be doing this special evening with her daddy. I was a little sad that I couldn't go just to take more photos. But I am hoping to get some more from the actual dinner from some friends that were there. Here is my little beauty all dressed up for her daddy:
It is so interesting to see the relationship between a daddy and a daughter. I think back to growing up and my relationship with my dad wasn't the greatest when I was little. But as I have grown into a woman I have developed a much closer relationship with my dad. As I see Matt and Sophia together I very often pray that God will blossom their relationship, that Sophia will always know that her daddy loves her and is proud of her. That she will learn from him how a woman of God should be treated, and that she doesn't need to ever try to be something else, that she is perfectly beautiful and a precious gift from God.

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