Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New friends

Today we had the wonderful pleasure of meeting another "IVIG family". IT is always so comforting speaking with someone who just "gets it." I am surrounded by amazingly wonderful friends and family, but they don't truly understand what it is like to have a kiddo that has an immune deficiency. They look at you funny when you do things a certain way, or maybe exclude you when they are doing something, or feel like you are "babying" your immue deficient child. They always mean well, but because they haven't walked this road, or experienced the things we have experienced with our sick kiddos they don't understand. So I really cherish the times when I can talk with another mom who gets my heart/feelings. And today I had that opportunity!!! We had to take quite a little drive to get there, and then didn't have nearly as long to visit as I would have liked but it was a nice start to a friendship that I am definitely looking forward to building. Sam and Matthew were instantly playing together and had a fantastic time. Their oldest child Tori (a teenager, I think 15) was wonderful to Sophia and played with her, and then Sharon the mom and I got to visit and "compare notes per se." It was so wonderful to share our faith as well as talk about these medical kids. I am looking forward to spending lots of time together in the future.:-)
Sam and his new buddy Matthew
Sophia and Destiny the bunny

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