Monday, September 23, 2013

Red Apple Farm

Today I got to go to the Red Apple Farm with Preston and Paisley. Preston is part of a wonderful program in which a home visitor comes into our home twice a week and bring him either a new toy or new book each week. I had her start coming last year when we were just determining how poor his immune system was and that we couldn't really take him out into public too much. Martha started last year and was wonderful. I am so blessed and thankful for her, and am so thrilled that she is also a believer. :-) So today we went with the agency that provides the home visitors. There were many families that took part in this trip. We went on a wagon ride (there was NO HAY!!!) and picked a bag of apples and a pumpkin. Preston only picked one apple and then he was done. He wouldn't put the apple he picked into his bag either. Right when we got there we were to go on the wagon ride. Preston was not at all interested in the ride. He was actually even crying and trying to get off. Poor guy was scared of the tractor. But once the ride started he kept saying things like "Wee! Fun!!! Wee" It was so cute. s He wandered around in the apple orchard with his empty bag. He didn't put one apple in his bag. He ended up sitting with Martha for a little while and enjoyed eating an apple with her. They also gave out apple cider. I didn't expect that Preston would enjoy the cider but he really did. He actually ended up asking for a second cup. He was so cute today. I really enjoyed this special time with him. Don't get me wrong it was really hard trying to juggle him and Paisley with no stroller (farm too bumpy), but it was a beautiful day that God blessed us with. Just prior to leaving Preston went over and sat on a big rock to watch the animals. The donkey started making lots of nose, and Preston told it "Sssshhh" and "Be quiet!" It was so funny.

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