Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thankful Thursday

I just am so very thankful for where I am. I know that we have certainly had many challenges in the last several months and it has been difficult to stay positive but when I stop and review the last several months I am overwhelmed with gratefulness for all God has done for our family. I just need to stop and remind myself of His greatness when I get bogged down with the trials of everyday life.... -Paisley: this little one had so many things against her starting at about 27weeks, they started talking about the risk of her dying. But God sustained her and she is here and thriving -Preston: what a year we had last year with Preston. And then all that fighting with the health insurance for approval for his transplant and the denials. The hospitalizations, the shear misery he experienced because of all the pain. And then God graciously opened the door for MGH to cover the transplant for him, and praise God he is now growing and thriving. He has gained around four pounds since the transplant and just looks so wonderfully healthy -My job: In july I was told that the department where I was working at the hospital (pediatrics) would be closing. I have been there for eleven years and was devastated to say the very least. I was heartbroken to think that I would no longer be caring for the pediatric population that I so dearly love. I was scared as I was pregnant with a complication filled pregnancy and didn't think that I would be able to find another position where someone would hire me with maternity leave looming ahead of me. And beyond that I am the one that is responsible for the health insurance for our family. It was very heavy on my heart. But God again opened the doors, and where there seemed to be no way He changed the circumstances for His glory. My job is safe, my position is safe, and I am praising Him that I will be able to continue to care for the population I believe God has called me to care for. Things are going to be different and maybe not as pleasant as they have been but I am trusting God that He will continue to guide this part of my life. -the Pregnancy: gosh there were so many issues and complications. But I am so thankful for so many things, for wonderful doctors that kept both Paisley and I safe. For nurses who cared and were knowledgeable and able to take care of us with so many complications. I am praising God that my mom was FINALLY able to be in the delivery room with us and see one of my miracles be born. But I can't even begin to explain my thankfulness for God's provision for my family for the five weeks that our whole world was upside down. People came out of the woodwork to help us. I had people in my house every day caring for the kids and for me while I was on bedrest. I had help with laundry and cleaning. I had people loving on my children, and making them feel extra special. I had people loving on me and making me feel extra special. Our family was constantly lifted up in prayer by people all over this country and other places in the world. And once I was in the hospital and there for those three weeks, people were amazing and cooked for our family almost every single night! People made and brought our family complete meals! They brought food for our freezer. They did school shopping for some things for Sam and Sophia. They played with my kids and just took such good care of them. I was stressed about not being able to do so much and God took care of it all, and in the process I have developed deeper friendships and realized how truly wonderful my family of God is. -Sam: God has just been doing such wonderful things in Sam. I am still getting used to the fact that Sam is medically so stable and thriving. Last year with the eosinophilic colitis diagnosis and then the ensuing multiple food allergies it was so overwhelming cooking and feeding him. But God has healed so much of that. And taken away the overwhelming nature of what we were dealing with. It is easy now to avoid the eggs, and just do alternatives. So much so that in all the cooking that people have done for us recently there was only one thing that he couldn't have! There was a women in our church who didn't have ANY IDEA who we were, and she took it upon herself to research recipes that were eggless, and she made us dinner and dessert that were Sam safe! Sam's belly issues have improved so much in the past year, he still has frequent discomfort but it isn't nearly as limiting as it was before. His immune system is tolerating the new IVIG product, and he is growing taller and gaining weight wonderfully. He is thriving in school and is just doing so good. -Sophia: I am so blessed to have this little free spirit in my life. She is so full of life and so spunky. She is a feisty little lady who loves to laugh and giggle. Each day she reminds me to be silly and adventurous. She reminds me that it is ok to be emotional and wear my heart on my sleeve. That it is ok to reach out and love everyone. She blesses me so much, and reminds me that this job of mothering, is such an incredible way to impact the world. She is so sensitive and loving and is always so hurt by people being unkind, but it is such an opportunity to explain to both her and Sam, how our actions can be so hurtful, and how it saddens God when we act certain ways. -Matt, my husband: he is so hard working and has worked so hard on so many multiple projects in our house. He is so extremely talented and I am so thankful to have a husband that is so handy. It really seems at times that he can fix just about anything that breaks. He is hard working at work and then comes home and has so many projects here at the house, and they AREN'T projects that I have asked him to do:-) We certainly have had our challenges with communication and understanding each other and our expectations of one another, but I am so very very thankful that God is teaching us and molding us the way He wants us to be. And as I watch him snuggle our sleeping daughter I can't help but smile

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