Friday, September 20, 2013

6 week check up

Today I had my six week check up. My weight is great, I am 21 pounds less than when I got pregnant. Unfortunately my blood pressure is still not back to normal :-( I am so discouraged about it. It really isn't high when it comes to the parameters that doctors set, but it is higher than before I got pregnant. The OB also recommended I contact the cardiologist "sooner rather than later." So unfortunately I have to schedule that now too. But all in all it was a great appointment. I am so thankful to have the pregnancy behind me, and praising God that He protected Paisley and I throughout the whole thing. Hard to believe the little miss is 6 weeks old today! Her smallest weight was 3lb 13oz and she is up to 6lb 4oz!!! Growing like a weed. Unfortunately this week has been a little bit rough for her. I am not completely sure what is going on, if it is something that I am eating that is upsetting her stomach, or if it is reflux. But she has been spitting and puking with just about EVERY feeding. Poor girl seems to have some discomfort with it too. We will be headed back to the doctor on Monday.

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