Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The blessings among the chaos

Today I was just thinking about how truly blessed I am. On days like today, when the baby slept horribly last night, and Preston is fussy, and Sam and Sophia are at each other's throats and whiny it is easy to focus on the negative and not realize the blessing in the chaos. It is easy for me to get wrapped up in how I am feeling physically (IE: exhausted, my back is sore, and my heart rhythm has been off...), it is easy to look around and wish for the things that we can't do financially right now. It is easy to look at my house and wish that I could snap my fingers and the house would be clean... But instead I am choosing to be grateful. Grateful to a Savior who came to this earth for ME!!! A Savior who was tortured and crucified so I could have a day like today. Grateful that I have been bought by His grace and mercy, and that this world is not my home, and that I am only passing through. It is easy to stress about all that is going on the world, but today I am praising God for the abundance of blessings that are overflowing in my life. For my husband, who is so very hard working and talented, for my children who each are so special and unique, for our families, for our church, for our friends, for our jobs, for our home and vehicles, for the freedoms we take for granted in this country. For the freedom we have to praise God however we choose. As a mom of four young children, I am constantly feeling stretched and pulled in a million different directions, feeling like I can't quite get it all done, and that what I am getting done isn't getting done well. But as I am surrounded by these precious little lives, who are learning about God and making the choice to follow Him, and that they are each kind compassionate loving kids who love others and love to talk about God to them, I realize that that is what is important. These days are fleeting, these moments are fleeting. The days of whining and crying, dirty diapers and all night feedings, the runny noses and tummy aches, are all only a drop in the span of our lives. These days are the days that we have to choose to be surrounded by His presence, and not by our circumstance. Sure I can get frustrated when Sam is complaining about his homework, and Sophia is crying because she is overtired, and Preston wants to be held while I am standing at the stove, and Paisley is screaming in her swing, but instead I am choosing to wrap myself in Him and the glory of His presence in my life. I am choosing to focus on the abundant blessings that surround us. I am choosing to focus on what we have, not what we don't. Choosing to focus on Him and what He has provided for me :-) Yes, I am tired, yes I am overwhelmed, but I am also loved beyond measure, and when I choose to allow Him to bring me where He wants to lead, there is no telling where we will be. Be blessed! Know that He is with you no matter what your circumstance

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