Thursday, September 5, 2013


Miss Paisley got lots of loving this week. Auntie Deanna has come to see her several times already, but due to Uncle TJ's work schedule he hadn't gotten to see her yet. They came over and got lots of snuggles in. Uncle TJ couldn't get over how small she is, but Deanna kept reminding him that she is more than a pound bigger than when she started Paisley also got to meet Auntie Colleen and Nana this week. Nana was a little nervous to hold her but it was so nice to have her spend time with her. Auntie Colleen didn't seem nervous at all, and just got right to snuggling. The Paradis family has been such a huge part of our lives for the last several years. It was such a blessing when Meg and I met. God has just blessed us so much. These guys are like family and I am so thankful every day for them. Meg throughout the last several weeks/months has been such an integral part of our team of helpers/prayers etc. She has organized meals and child care. She has come over herself and taken care of us. She has been my encourager and prayer warrior. When I get down I reach out to her and she always shows me God's love. Jeremy has been amazing as well, so encouraging and supportive. And we just love these kids. Abby helped me a lot this summer as a mother's helper. Both she and Gracie are just incredible with Preston, as well as Sophia. And Sam just loves the boys. These guys have been adopted into our family, and we call them auntie and uncle.

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