Friday, September 27, 2013

High Blood Pressure and IVIG

Sam had IVIG today. I am so very thankful that they got the IV in on the first try and things seemed to go smoothly for the first couple of hours. After a little while Sam's blood pressure started creeping up. I am not sure what this is caused from, if it is a cardiac issue developing or if it is a reaction to the IVIG. Either way I am anxious about it, not sure what they will do if he reacts to this IVIG product, as this is our third one. He started on Gammagard, was then switched to Gamunex, and now is on Privigen. Preston was also started on Gammagard and he is tolerating it well so far. Sam's pressure got as high as 140-170s over 85-105! So scary! Prior to letting us go home his systolic had come down to 127, but the diastolic was 98... We will be headed back to our pediatrician on Monday for a re-check. Prayers that it resolves please.

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