Monday, September 2, 2013

Another weigh in...

Dr Trish came back to the house to weigh Miss Paisley again today. She gained two ounces! She is now up to 5lb 2oz! I am so relieved and feeling so thankful that she gained! We have to go back to the doctor on Thursday for another weight check, we also will have to do an ultrasound of her hips, within the next couple of weeks or so because she was breech and that can cause a problem with their hips. She currently is feeding every three hours around the clock, she is nursing as well as being supplemented every other feeding with my milk fortified with extra calories. Unfortunately the fortifier seems to be bothering her stomach and she becomes very gassy and spitty whenever she gets the bottles. IT is an exhausting process. I nurse her and that takes about half an hour to forty five minutes start to finish. And then three hours later I have to pump and give her expressed milk so it feels like it is only about an hour and a half in between feedings. But it is so wonderful to be home and to be reunited with my family. Tomorrow is Sophia's first day of kindergarten! I can't believe it! She is very excited and is thrilled to be riding the school bus. Our town is cool as they allow the parents to go to school on the first day with the kindergarteners. I was in the hospital on Sam's first day and was heartbroken that I missed it. I had been anxious all along this summer that I would miss Sophia's first day as well but praise God I will be going too. Matt will go to school with her on the bus, but I will go and meet them at the school to meet her teacher, and experience kindergarten with her.

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