Tuesday, March 19, 2013

We have some REALLY BIG news to share this weekend! I am starting to get excited to share it. We are celebrating Sophia's birthday with our family and friends on saturday. Silly girl keeps changing her mind about themes, but this past week she has decided on a butterfly theme which should be relatively easy I think. And since we have done some butterfly things before it shouldn't be too bad. We are all hanging in. I finally have gotten back to work since my back injury in august. I am not up to my full 12 hour shifts but we are getting there. Please continue to pray for my back that it can tolerate being on my feet and not cause so much increased discomfort. I got something in the mail today that appears to be an approval for something for Preston. The only issue is I don't know what it is for. I would be beyond thrilled if it was for the fecal transplant but I am not sure. I will be calling tomorrow to see what this is all about. What a blessing that would be if it had already been approved :-) He has been doing ok this week, not eating terribly well but hasn't been horrible. His diarrhea has improved slightly and his mood has defitely improved. I took the kids and two of their friends to see the school play of "The Little Mermaid" the other day. They had so much fun and the elementary school kids did an amazing job. I hope that my kids will be interested in that type of thing as they grow. They both seem to really enjoy watching plays and musicals...

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