Sunday, March 31, 2013


We had a wonderful Easter this year. It was so wonderful to spend it with the family that God has blessed me with. This year I was so thrilled with my Sophia as she was the ONLY one in her whole preschool who knew what Easter was all about, and she shared it proudly with her friends. It saddens me to know that parents aren't teaching their children the true meaning of Easter. But I am beyond thrilled that my little five year old is not afraid to tell the world about her Savior! We were able to go to church as a family, unfortunately I didn't get to hear the service as I was serving in the nursery, but I was so blessed to have a few new families children come in so I know that their parents were getting the chance to hear His Word! After church my family came over to our house for dinner. The food was delicious and the company was wonderful. I was so thankful to have this time with my family. As the days are drawing nearer to summer, I find myself dwelling on the fact that ALL of my family is moving away. It is so hard to imagine how tough things will be when they are gone. My family is very attached and we see each other multiple times a week. Matt's family is very different and we essentially see them at church on sundays and not too often in between. It will be a very tough adjustment for my kids not to see their cousin Darius all the time. Don't get me wrong we have a wonderful Christian family who has totally taken us under their wings and we will be fine, but it will be a hard adjustment and I am certainly not looking forward to it. On Saturday the kids and I went over to my parents to dye the Easter eggs. This has always been kind of a useless thing, because Sam can't eat them, and Sophia didn't like them. But this year Darius was eating them and Sophia decided to try it and she actually enjoyed them. Darius and Preston made a big mess but had a lot of fun! Preston spilled almost the entire cup of dye on himself, the floor and myself! But we had fun :-) This was the FIRST YEAR ever that I have ever hid the Easter eggs outside! Denise and her family moved down to North Carolina last summer, and she was always the one that did the egg hunt :-) I definitely missed watching the cousins running around all together squealing as they found the eggs. It was still pretty chilly and we had some scattered snow on the ground but it was still fun for the kids. I didn't really take a ton of pictures with everyone all dressed up or with my family :-( Sometimes I do a really good job at remember what photos I want and then others I am terrible. Unfortunately this Easter was one of the times where I was terrible :-( But I did get a few pictures. I actually had someone make a dress for Sophia for her birthday and then was able to coordinate the boys clothes with it. It worked out really well. If you are looking for something amazing for a special little girl in your life, you should certainly check out The Beautiful Brown Eyed Girl Boutique

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