Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Fecal Transplant

Well it would appear that Preston is sick again. :-( I am so overwhelmed as we head down this road with him again. I know that God has a perfect plan and that His ways are perfect. But today I am overwhelmed and scared and sad. He started with diarrhea on tuesday and it has progressed to very poor eating and worsening diarrhea. When I left a message the GI doctor, I wasn't really expecting that he would say that we were moving ahead with the fecal transplant plan. I hadn't actually spoken with the doctor as I had missed the phone call, but he left a message stating that he was starting the process with getting the insurance approval. I am relieved and overwhelmed at the same time. I am anxious as I don't want him to end up so ill that we end up in the hospital again. We have spent three weeks in the hospital fighting this already in the last few months. He has been on months of antibiotics, and still it seems to be rearing its head at us again. These few pics are from his last hospital admission. He really did well but I just don't want to go back there again. It is amazing how comfortable the boys are with the whole medical professional. I am so thankful that God has blessed them with these easy going personalities that just go with the flow and don't get anxious about the hospital. I am so blessed to be surrounded by such knowledgeable doctors and wonderful medical facilities. I am so blessed that my family is so supportive and helpful. I am so blessed to have such an amazing support system of friends that helps us so much with these sick kiddos. It is so true about God providing the people you need in your life. And He truly has! I certainly am overwhelmed but I know that God's got this! That He hasn't given me a spirit of fear, and that He will take us through to the other side with this beautiful little boy of mine :-)

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