Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sophia's 5th Birthday

Sophia Grace had origionally said that she wanted a "Dancing Princess Party," which I wasn't sure how I would pull off. She wanted to have all her friends wear twirly dresses and dance. But a few days before the party she decided that she wanted a butterfly theme. It was such a last minute change I had no time to really prepare for it. But I have some wonderful friends who totally came to my rescue and helped get some butterfly themed things. And then of course I made a little butterfly picture on the cake, certainly not the best I have done but I tried. She loved it and that is what is important. We had lots of friends and family here to celebrate our special girl. I still can't believe she is five and that will be starting kindergarden in the fall. She ran around and did lots of dress up and pretend play with her friends. I have some pictures from her party but my amazingly talented friend Shannon took most of them and I don't have them yet. I will post what I have from my camera and then do a whole post of Shannon's pics. We were sad that many of Sophia's aunties couldn't come. Between working, sickness and living far away we certainly missed them. This has been such an adjustment for me. I always had lots of family around when I was little, or at least we visited often. With my brother's and sister down south I feel sorry that my kids are missing out so much. My siblings are wonderful and the kids are very attached to them, but I wish we could see them more often. Thankfully we have lots of Christian family that loves on my kids and we were so thrilled to have our local family here with us. She was so funny about her cake this year. She wanted a "Big Cake not just cupcakes." So I had to do both. Due to Sam's allergies and some allergies that our friends have we made tons of cupcakes and a cake. And when it was time for Sophia to have some she requested a cupcake! Silly girl! Oh well we had enough to share and then some....

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