Friday, August 10, 2012

Girls Night!

So I can count on one hand the amount of times I have been out for a "girls night" since I have had kids. Since Sam is now six, you can fully understand how wonderful these very rare nights are! I did have to bring Preston with me, since he loves to nurse and is pretty stubborn about it these days but even still it was a wonderful night. Since I had P we just stayed in. Meg's husband Jeremy took their four kids to their grandparents house, so we invaded Megs. We made dinner and had dessert and a movie. Dinner was fabulous, as we were uninterrupted and got to eat while it was hot. We had no kids complaining about what they didn't like and we got to eat leisurely. SO WONDERFUL! I made a dark chocolate cheesecake that was so yummy, and we had drinks (well I drank a fancy lemondade since I don't drink alcohol) and the other ladies had some wine. I am so incredibly blessed to have these two amazing women in my life. THey have been such an incredible support system to me in the past year. They have loved on me and the kiddos so much in the last year I hadn't really known Tippany until the beginning of last summer, and she just flew into our lives, and took such wonderful care of me when I was pregnant with Preston. And then once I had him she continued to help by babysitting and helping clean etc etc. Meg has just been amazing for several years now. She has been such a tremendous prayer warrior and calming force in my life. Whenever I have any prayer requests, fear, anxiety, stressful situation, praise report etc I immediately text/call Meg and share with her. She is such a Godly woman, who has gone through so much in her own life and praises God throughout it all. I am so so blessed to have these ladies in my life!!!

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