Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day of School and all kinds of stuff

It has been crazy around here lately! My back has been a mess unfortunately. And yet God has been using this situation of pain and frustration to bless me in amazing ways. My wonderful friend Meg had sent out an email (I didn't know) to our friends and family letting them know what had happened and requested help for us, whether it has been child care, or meals, etc. And people have just been so unbelievabley gracious to us. I am just so thankful. We also have this program called "freecycle" here in town. It is an email system in which you offer things you have that you no longer need, or things you are looking for for free. People often could use or donate things and it is such a wonderful program.... Last week a woman posted that she had some clothes in my size, and since the finances are so tight I was really struggling with clothing since I have had Preston so I responded to this lady. And she was ever so gracious, as I said multiple times that I would come to get the clothes, but then due to the medication for my back, and PT and just significant pain I wasn't able to get there. She then DELIVERED them to me!!! And these clothes are BEAUTIFUL. Again I am so so blessed!!! This week was also Sam's first week of school. He is a FIRST GRADER now! It was such an emotional experience for me to be there this time around. Last year on Sam's first day of kindergarden I was in the hospital, Preston was on a ventilator and it was just a really rough time! But here we are a year later, just so very thankful for where God has brought us.
Will update more soon....Lots of great pics of the kids, and some with my best friends twins:-) For now please pray for my back for rapid healing, and for God to bless all the people that are reaching out to us so completely willing to help in any capacity that they can.

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