Wednesday, August 1, 2012

He's definitely bleeding again:-(

WEll as I suspected Sammy is bleeding internally again. The last few days I noticed his stools were looking like they may have blood in them. So we had it tested and it does. He also had a severe bloody nose today. I thought that I might not be able to stop the bleeding. But praise God He did. It took a little over twenty minutes for the bleeding to stop. It isn't really funny but a little comical, Sam came walking into the kitchen (my back was to him) and said "Hey mom can I have a new cup?" So I said "Sure why?" Then I turned around as he answered "WEll my nose started gushing blood so I used this cup to catch it." After we got the bleeding to stop, I just had him relax for a few and praise God it hasn't happened again today. So I am not sure completely what the plan will be now. I guess we will have to wait and see if the GI bleeding conitnues or if they will write it off. In any case one of the meds he is on is called periactin, and Dr Z had wanted him on it, even though Dr F wanted him off it saying that it could affect his bleeding disorder. So unfortunately Dr Z was admament that we start the periactin and he has since been bleeding and having bloody noses since approximately 3 days after starting it. So we are stopping that nd praying for healing

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  1. thinking and praying for you! Sounds like a good idea to discontinue the medication. Hope your week starts improving!