Friday, August 24, 2012

An ER trip for me:-(

So after the craziness of VBS, Soph's pneumonia and bringing all three kids to IVIG last friday, I had to work. I worked friday night and had a pretty good night. I went home saturday and slept a tiny bit in the morning. I went into work saturday night and it was a super stressful night. I had a really sick patient and was making all kinds of phone calls to make sure the pt was well cared for. I also had a surgical patient who needed some extra TLC. All that being said I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off for the first few hours of my shift. I got the surgical all taken care of and had to move a bed. And for some reason it hurt my back, I felt like this little pop, and instantly knew that I was going to be a mess:-( I immediately took some motrin that I had in my work bag and kept working. Unfortunately the pt got sicker and had to be transferred to a higher level of care. By the time the pt left I was in a TON of pain, and ended up being sent by my supervisor down to the ER. Now the ER staff was AMAZING to me! I can't even begin to say how wonderful they were. But I was just miserable. I couldn't sit stand or lay without being in agony. They did this spinal kind of injection with lidocaine and then an antiinflammatory. It helped a little to the point where I ended up laying down. They then gave me some IV meds to help the severe muscle spasms. And then I rested until my friend could bring me home. Sunday Matt and Sam were camping so they weren't home, and since they were camping my mom had had Preston and Sophia. So sunday I was able to come home and crawl my butt right into bed. But boy has it been a rough week. I am out of work for a least two weeks and start PT tomorrow. I can't really reposition without tons of pain, I can't lift anything, and poor Preston can't understand why mommy can't pick him up. It has been a rough rough week. But in the midst of it all God always sends a rainbow.... My AMAZING friend Megan has organized a group of people that are helping me care for the kids, and with meals and all kinds of stuff. I am just feeling so loved and blessed right now. I am also feeling frustrated to be needing this much help but again I am just so blessed. So far Tippany came over and took care of me for a whole day with Preston and Sophia. Then Matt's aunt Terri came on monday and tuesday, and BEYOND SPOILED us. The poor thing wasn't even feeling well herself but she took amazing care of us. On wednesday "Auntie" Paula invited us over for the day. And again she did a lot of the snuggling of Mr P and Sam and Soph played with Roberto and Julianna so that was fabulous. And she gave us a jar of HOMEMADE from FRESH TOMATOS spaghetti sauce! We actually haven't had it yet. But I can't wait. I am sure it is going to be fabulous!
We also got some special snuggle time with Meme this week and Darius..
. On thursday I went to my friend Megans for the day. Unfortunately I took no pics!!! And once I was there, she took care of EVERYTHING. I seriously just sat or slept ALL DAY. It was amazing to be able to rest that much. The kids had a blast playing with her kiddos. And then she fed us dinner, got my kids washed and in their pajamas and then we headed home to brush teeth and bed. And today my friend Bethany came over with her daughter Mackayla. Sophia and Mackayla get along so well. And Bethany is such a sweetheart. We have been so blessed by Bethany's generosity. As Mackayla has outgrown her clothes they have passed them on to Sophia. It is such a tremendous blessing. Finances are so tight these days. So each time she brings us clothes I could just cry because it is such burden lifter:-) Sam was reading to Mackayla....

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