Friday, August 17, 2012

A rough week

It has been a rough last week to say the least. So after VBS last thursday we went to the Lake Club with the Paradis family. While we were there is when I realized Soph really wasn't feeling that great. So that is when I called to get her seen by her doctor.
Once Sophia was diagnosed with Pneumonia on thursday, Preston began with his respiratory symptoms as well. I am praising God that so far he has remained ok. Still has an occasional cough and a little bit of a runny nose but is doing well. The day after Sophia's pneumonia diagnosis Sam had IVIG. I unfortunately had to bring all three kids with me so it was quite a challenge. Sophia was feeling absolutely horrible so she laid in the hospital bed next to Sam. I was so concerned after Sam had been complaining last time of the headache that he would have a reaction to the IVIG but praise God ALL WENT WELL!!!! The IV was inserted on the first try. And Sam essentially just played a lego game on my laptop and watched a movie with Soph. Sophia essentially jsut layed htere most of the time we were there. Preston was a bit more of a challenge but that is expected these days as he is a very busy boy:-)

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