Saturday, August 25, 2012

PT, swimming and recuperating

So I went to PT today and the therapist said "I was a mess" So not what I wanted to hear but I kind of expected it. But we are workign on getting better, so I am praising God that we have a plan and that He is sovereign and the healing WILL COME. My wonderful aunt Irene and Uncle Bud were close to here visiting and invited us down to visit and we had a wonderful visit at the pool with them. I actually got to soak my back which felt very healing. The kids just love spending time with them, and they are amazing, wonderful Godly people who I so enjoy being around. And a wonderful friend Sue brought us dinner today. Again I am feeling so blessed. Not loving the amount of pain I am in. But constantly reminded of how much God loves us no matter what. Will post pics of the weekend adventures tomorrow.

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