Monday, August 6, 2012

Eosinophilic update

Haven't done an update lately.... It has been a roller coaster ride with Eos over the last two months with Sam. We have had a couple of good weeks at the beginning of the summer, followed by MANY MANY bad weeks. Days that were very scary to see him be so uncomfortable. I felt like this was the worst he has ever been. That being said, the last scope I allowed them to do, had him have a clean scope, meaning the Eos was gone. However less than two weeks later, it was (probably) back and much worse. I didn't allow a re-scope as it wouldn't have told us anything we didn't already know. The allergy testing has been unreliable up until the patch testing, which told us about the rice, rye, barley and egg. So once we had the repeat clean scope they said that we could allow him back one of the foods that he tested positive for. He chose eggs. Over a three week time span he had eggs in food, not plain eggs. And initially he was ok, but all of a sudden on week three he started having bloody stools, severe pain, and a variety of other symptoms. One friday night it was so severe I was terrified for him. I have NEVER been that afraid for him. We have been through so much, but that friday was horrible. He was passing all kinds of tissue and mucous. The doctors believe that he probably shed the lining of his intestines over that weekend. He lost about six pounds, and we still aren't back to normal. We obviously took the eggs back out his diet, and won't EVER introduce them back in. And to be perfectly honest I am not sure I want to trial anything ever again. I know that sounds awful but I don't ever want him to have another summer like this. Last week was another bad stomach week for Sam. We had had some time when he was having almost normal stools, but last week they became bloody again. I am not really sure what to think of this new development. We haven't given him anything that he shouldn't have. We haven't played with any of his meds. I guess this is the part of Eos that is most frustrating, things just happen and there is no rhyme or reason and therefore I can't fix it:-( It certainly hasn't been an all bad summer, but on the medical front it certainly has. In addition to the Eos stuff, he also has had a bit of a struggle with IVIG. After his reaction earlier this summer we have switched products to Privigen which seems ok, although after the last infusion he complained of a headache for three days! Poor guy, so I am praying that nothing gets worse with that. But we certainly have had fun amongst the chaos, and have gotten to see and do lots of new things. As we are edging towards first grade with this guy I am praying for health and happiness and no more curve balls thrown our way

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