Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Great New England Airshow

Our cousin Peter is in the Navy, and works on the fighter jets. He also occasionally works the "air shows" throughout the country. They had one locally so Peter and his wife Traci came up from Virginia for the show. We went down on sunday for the show. It was about an hour and a half drive, once we got there the kids wanted to wait in line to go inside one of the fighter jets, they waiting for about an hour in line, when it started to storm and they wouldn't allow people to go up in the planes! I felt so bad for Sammy. But he made the best of it and wasn't too disappointed. With the cruddy weather outside we went inside to check out some military vehicles that are antique or have been over in Iraq. Both kids thought it was pretty cool to be in vehicles that they thought Uncle Dennis might have been in... Waiting to get in the plane
Some photos that Sammy took of the planes...
Once the bad weather rolled in we went in one of the main hangars to see all of this equipment...
And Mr Preston with cousin Traci

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