Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Non-stress test

Had to go in today for my first non-stress test. It essentially is a test to determine how well the baby is doing in utero, and since I have started on cardiac medicine as well as medicine for my liver they need to keep a close eye on this baby. The NP told me today that there is an increased risk of still birth with the cholestasis so they will really be keeping a close eye on me. The baby looked good on the monitor today. The heart beat was in the 140s. I was however contracting so they were concerned about preterm labor. I am a fingertip dilated, but still pretty long and thick still so praying the cervix makes no further changes for a few weeks.
I go back on friday for a biophysical profile, which is an ultrasound to check the baby's well being....The kids are at VBS at our church this week. Hoping to get some pics tomorrow. They are having a blast

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