Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Sam had his IVIG today. It was one day late as I forgot to order it last week:-( Kind of thinking I will blame it on my preggo brain:-) It took two attempts for the IV, and then another stick for the labs:-( Of course my super Sam took it like a champ and didn't even cry. He was adament however about who held him while they did it. He did not want the phlebotomist to hold his hand at all.Sometimes being a nurse/mom with a sick kid is rough, and other times a blessing. I really don't like to be the one that holds him while they poke at him. All in all it went so well. We had one of our favorite nurses, and she brought a Wii game from her house for him to play, so that just made his whole day:-) Such a trooper.... We did labs today as well. I haven't gotten the results, I am curious to see where his IgG levels are since we haven't checked them in several months and he has been actually gaining weight well lately. He weighed in at 41.6lbs today!!! And was 43.5inches tall! He is getting so big:-)

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